Free Assessment

The Free Assessment includes a physical inspection at the client location.  Our Energy Consultants work with our clients to make this process easy.

In general, we will collect required information about the site, including voltage and review the customers electrical utility bill to ensure eligibility.  Often times we will need to open up the existing equipment to determine the models and wattage draws.  We will make inquiries of the client, walk the space and take photographs of the existing equipment and the related stamps.

We take a physical inventory count of all of the significant equipment that uses energy in any client installation.  Except for complex and large installations, the physical part of the lighting side of the energy assessment usually can be completed in a couple of hours.  Sometimes the installation will require photometric calculations and some other evaluations depending upon future objectives of the client.

Depending on the complexity of the client installation, we will bring out our electricians and lift equipment to confirm the voltage configuration and wattage on difficult to reach equipment.  We will also bring out specialists when HVAC and Compressed Air equipment replacement opportunities exist.

Once the assessment data and information gathering process is complete,  our Energy Consultants will make some preliminary determinations on solutions and calculate incentives and savings and then meet with the client to explain the findings and opportunities we identified.  Using client inputs, a revised proposal and recommendation options are prepared in a timely manner, and then presented to the clients for their review.

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