Quiet Light Solutions offers free energy assessments, energy improvement solutions, incentive measurement and management, full installation and project management across all major categories of power utilization. 

LED Lighting Solutions

We offer a complete line of LED lighting fixtures for virtually any application.  We offer exterior lighting fixtures for parking lots,  streets, buildings,  parks, athletic fields etc. both for new and retrofit applications. We also provide all types of new and retrofit interior fixtures for offices, industrial spaces, labs, and a wide assortment of other specialty spaces that require more specialty lighting products.   Most of our products carry a minimum of 7 year product warranty with options for extended warranty.

Incentive Management

QLS is an approved Energy Efficiency Service Provider for ComEd in their Standard and Small Business Program.  We are also authorized Energy Efficiency Service Providers for Ameren and have worked effectively with customers of other cities outside of ComEd that are part of IMEA (Illinois Municipal Energy Association) such as Naperville and many others.

A critical aspect of our work is to understand the existing equipment in any customer project location and the applicable equipment incentives available. We identify potential energy savings under the applicable utility incentive programs and customize product solutions to deliver the performance requirements at the best price by maximizing eligible incentives,  based upon the objectives of each customer.

Refrigeration Solutions

QLS has completed various energy efficiency projects for customers that use refrigeration in their operations.  We have experience with all of the refrigeration incentive program measures that allows us to design comprehensive solutions.

We use leading equipment manufacturers and employ specially trained electricians and installers for our customer refrigeration projects.  Refrigeration incentives have been increasing in the ComEd incentive programs, increasing the benefit we can provide to customers that use refrigeration.

Installation and Project Management

We employ licensed and ICC certified electricians for all of our electrical installations.  Led by our energy consultants, our customers will have one primary point of contact for our turnkey solutions.  We provide free energy assessments to ascertain the inefficient equipment and money saving opportunities and incentives for our customers through written proposals and alternative options where appropriate.  We manage the project contracts by coordinating all aspects of the project from start to finish in a seamless fashion for our customers. 

Network Lighting Controls

QLS has installed many network lighting control (“NLC”) solutions for every type of LED lighting project type we install  – for both interior and exterior environments.  We have access to a wide assortment of network lighting control products manufactured by leading companies for different applications.

All of our energy consultants and installers are trained in the the various NLC product and equipment types that we offer.  NLC’s offer very attractive program incentives that make the lighting projects even more economically compelling.

Our NLC technology includes the full commissioning of each lighting fixture into an NLC application and sits on a handheld mobile device application and exists to program the occupancy requirements for each installation.  All of the commissioning and application work is set up through QLS and is included as a standard service of each project.

Compressed Air & HVAC

QLS offers Compressed Air and HVAC energy efficiency solutions. Each energy assessment of any industrial installation includes a review of efficiency upgrades around the Compressed Air units, and we have installed many upgrades for clients.  For customer installations that are interested in new systems, we work closely with experienced product distributors to ensure quality product and installation with maximized incentives. 

QLS also identifies HVAC energy efficiency opportunities for service and upgrades.  We work with experienced, qualified HVAC contractors to help us evaluate HVAC installations and to maximize energy savings and incentives for those projects requiring systems and RTU upgrades.